Packages (These packages apply to cats or dogs)

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Splash n’ Suds Package:
  • Bath with a specialized shampoo chosen for your pet’s needs. We offer shampoos for allergies, dry itchy skin, fleas & ticks, & more!
  • Conditioner to moisturize skin & coat (If applicable)
  • Anal glands expressed
  • 15 minutes of brushing to disperse natural oils, remove extra coat and prevent or remove tangles
  • Pads shaved & paws trimmed (if applicable)
  • Nails ground. Which gets them shorter, smoother & is safer than clipping. (Subject to dog’s tolerance of grinding)
  • Ears cleaned  (plucked by request only)
  • Finishing spray with temporary UV protectant
  • Breath freshening enzymatic tarter control breath spray
  • Cologne
  • Bow or bandanna (we also offer ties, feathers or collar bows by request)*


Spruce up Package:
Includes the Splash n’ Suds package plus:
  • Face trim up (or furnishings)
  • Sanitary trim


Glamour Package:
Includes the Spuce up package plus:
  • All over stylized haircut done to your specifications.


Puppy Package:
For puppies up to 5 months old only.
  • Bath with a tearless shampoo formulated especially for puppy’s delicate skin.
  • Conditioner to moisturize skin and coat (If applicable)
  • 15 minutes (max) of brushing to disperse natural oils, remove extra coat and prevent or remove tangles
  • Pads, paws, face and sanitary trim (if applicable)
  • Nails ground smooth
  • Ears cleaned (plucked by request only)
  • Cologne
  • Bow or bandanna (we also offer ties or collar bows by request)*


Hairy dog Package (Reduces Shedding by 75%!):

Reduces shedding by 75% if repeated every 4-6 weeks

Includes everything from our Splash n’ Suds package plus:
  • Bath with deshed shampoo and conditioner to loosen up coat
  • Hair blown dry with a high velocity dryer (for removing loosened coat)
  • 30-45 minutes of thorough brushing with a variety of brushes for maximum hair removal.
  • Handstripping is important for the skin and coat of most terriers and spaniels. This service is priced by the hour so please contact us for pricing information.


De-Skunk Package:

Includes everything from our Splash n’ Suds package plus:
  • Extended soak in deskunk solution, twice if needed


Nails, ears and brush out package
NO bath with this package. (We also offer Nails only)
  • 10 minutes of brushing
  • Ears plucked (by request) and cleaned
  • Nails ground


Extra Services

Done only by request, additional charges will apply. Please let us know when making an appointment that you'd like these extras so we can factor it into our time and make sure we have the supplies ready. Otherwise we may be unable to perform them.
  • Nail pawlish (only on shaved feet or short hair) 
  • 10 minute walk
  • Extra accessories: bows, tie, bandana, feathers * 
  • After hours appointment (limited availability)
  • Hair coloring. Please contact us for available colors.
We reserve the right to add these charges with your notice:
  • Dematting: If you'd like your pup dematted and it takes more than 15 minutes.
  • Matted dogs are an additional charge to shave (due to wear & tear on groomer and equipment)
  • Naughty dog charge, not everyone is an angel. We still love our naughty babies, but due to extra time and care there will be an additional fee.
It's important to supervise pets when wearing accessories. Remove any item if they become loose or fall out to prevent choking hazard.