Do you need to plug into my electric outlet or use my water?

We try to maintain and have a generator. But if for some reason we do not (its out for maintenance for example), any regular home outlet will work.

We carry 50 gallons of water with us that is filled before leaving for the day so water is not needed.

How do I schedule an appointment?

We prefer you make appointments through text. Please provide the following information:

  1. Your First and last name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number we can best reach you at (you may leave more than one)
  4. Package you’d like
  5. Breed and size of dog
  6. Last time it was groomed

please allow upto 72hrs for a response.

Do you pluck ears?

I will pluck ears by request or if they are matted. I prefer not to do so as it is painful and can cause more ear infections in the dog’s ears. We do, however, shave away as much hair as possible to open up the ear canal to air.

Do you brush teeth?

We do not. Unless your dog’s teeth are brushed everyday, a one time brushing every month will not remove tarter. It will only remove plaque from that day. It can also irritate and injure the gums if your dog has any tooth decay or gum disease.

But we will use a breath freshening spray that also helps fight tarter. It has enzymatic ingredients just like dog toothpaste. The difference is the gums and teeth can’t be injured by a brush.

Can I buy additional accessories for my dog or someone else’s?

Yes you may!

Our colors and types will vary but you can choose from our current selection or we can make something specific if you notify us ahead of time.

Can you make an accessory a specific color?

We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please let us know if you need a very specific color (such as for a wedding) several weeks ahead of the occasion and please provide a sample of the color so we can match it as closely as possible.

Do you groom Seniors and dogs with handicaps?

Yes we do. But if at any point we are unable to safely control your dog or they seem to get unduly stressed we will have to refer you to a vet for your pet’s safety.

Will you need to muzzle my dog?

We prefer not to muzzle your dog if at all possible. We want this to be an enjoyable experience. But sometimes there is no other option. We do have several safe restraints that we will try to use instead. But some dogs are calmer with a muzzle and sometimes for the safety of everyone we will have to use one.

Do you groom cats?

Yes, we have currently added cat grooming to our services.

Is there any dog breeds you won't groom?

Dogs are taken on a case by case bases.