About Us

My name is Kelley and I am the founder of V.I.P Mobile Grooming LLC. I’ve been grooming for 20 years.
       I was given my first dog, a miniature poodle, when I was only 2 years old. Since then I've always had at least one dog by my side, usually more. I don't know a life without canine companions and I hope I never do!
     I gave my first haircut to our cat when I was 9 years old, using my favorite paper scissors. He was shedding his winter coat for summer and I thought he looked quite rough. After my Mother gave me a thorough scolding I promised to not groom the animals again till I was 13. My Mom decided that would be the appropriate age for me to take over grooming our poodles.
    I don't remember much about my 13th Birthday, except for my anticipation of getting to groom one of our dogs. I was handed the tools that my Mom used, which consisted of a metal comb, slicker brush, a pair of craft scissors and a $20.00 dog clipper that had to be replaced every 3-4 grooms. We had 3 poodles at the time and so in the first year I got quite a bit of practice. But with the tools I had things weren't going as well as they could. 
    Nonetheless, I was determined to have the best looking poodles around and I practiced diligently. Discovering the clippers were mostly useless, I devoted much of my time to hand scissoring every hair into place.
   When I was 15 years old we acquired our first pair of professional pet clippers. They were beautiful and worked better than anything I'd used before. With the new clippers I was able to practice different patterns and hand scissor them to perfection with my craft scissors. This was also around the time we began rescue work and many breeds who needed grooming passed through our home. 
    I received my first pair of curved grooming shears when I was 16. I felt like I had received a magic wand. The look of my topknots and poms didn't change much. But the ease with which it took to trim them now was phenomenal. 
    There was no stopping me. I studied every breed and their specific trim, practicing on friends and family dogs. I even acquired a few steady paying clients. I spoke with as many groomers as I could. I studied, practiced and watched. 
    It didn't take long to find my passion in life. I loved taking messy pups and turning them in to cute fluffy babies. I even learned to color the coat and do extravagant patterns. My dogs have always thought that they were kings and queens with the way people admired them! And they love every bit of the attention.
    Though grooming is definitely not the easiest job( requiring LOTS of physical labor, patience and a high tolerance to all things gross). It can also be one of the most rewarding. I can't put in to words how happy it makes me to see the extra prance in a dog's step after they've been pampered or the way people fuss over them as they soak up the attention. 
    V.I.P (Very Important Pets) has been a dream of mine for many years. I wanted a place that truly catered to the needs of dogs and provided the loving care they deserve as our best friends. My goal is to create a safe, loving, spa environment that your pet will enjoy being in and you can trust they are in good hands. 
I strive to always continue my education and became a Nationally Certified Master Groomer(1 of only a handful in Oklahoma), a Certified trainer through CCPDT, and have won multiple awards in Dog grooming competitions. I currently show Poodles and Australian shepherds. I have assisted some wonderful poodle handlers with showing and grooming as well. I also have several published articles in a National Grooming magazine and run a facebook group to help educate other groomers.
 Below are some of my accomplishments...
First Aid & CPR Certification:

Current Memberships:

Taking 3rd place in my first ever grooming competition in 2013! (This poodle was groomed to look like an Irish Water Spaniel).

Dog show wins: My Australian Shepherd, Reno, taking 2nd place in the herding group at the 2013 IABCA show in OKC. As well as taking Best of Breed at the UKC show in 2014. Reno is also AKC major pointed. My standard poodle, Giselle, finishing her Championship and Coursing ability title in the same day. Giselle has taken multiple Best of Breed wins and a Group placement. Groomed by me.

Grooming competition placements: 

I took 2nd place with my standard poodle in Large poodles. 3rd Place with a lovely cocker spaniel in sporting. 2nd place with a yorkie groomed in asian fusion. Twice I have taken a 1st place and group 3rd with my Aussie in All Other Purebreds. In my second competition ever I took second place with my Aussie. A 2nd place in terriers and a 3rd place in Creative Grooming. I also took an Intermediate/beginner Best In Show with a Bichon.