We offer boarding!

02/03/2022 08:48
No idea where to board your pet while you're away? Look no further. Leave your pup with someone you already trust! Pets are treated like they are at home. They are given lots of cuddles and playtime! Text us today!

We're always keeping your pets safety in mind!

10/09/2013 01:26
The most important thing we can do for your pet is to protect them from harm while they are in our care. We keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on hand at all times. We have local vet's phone numbers on file. Your pet is never left alone on the table or in the bathtub. I am also CPR &...

Why not to shave your lab (or other shedding breed)

05/30/2012 18:12
Check out the article on our new Pet Care tips page!